Better drops/xp when monsters are killed together

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Re: Better drops/xp when monsters are killed together

Post by dedonoceu »

And im New around, so, is there some sort of upvote on comments and ir something like that here?

And sorry for any missspelling or things like that, im from Brazil, so my corrector (dont know If this is the word in english) might change some words or add some `~^ in some words :)
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Re: Better drops/xp when monsters are killed together

Post by rijackson741 »

Sorry, but this is not likely to happen just because of the amount of work required. Aside from the coding required, it could unbalance things, so that could require more adjustments.
We have very limited resources, so we have to apply them where we get maximum return on investment. Mostly, that's new content, not changes to the way the game works.
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Re: Better drops/xp when monsters are killed together

Post by JaSP »

This could be solved with a combat listener that handles the details. The problem is that you need a coder and I do not have time to work on this now.
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Re: Better drops/xp when monsters are killed together

Post by Nut »

Coding is one thing, checking unwanted implications anywhere else is another.
I also wouldn't put any work into this. There are other things to do with more outcome
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Re: Better drops/xp when monsters are killed together

Post by Tomcat »

There is "higher risk means higher reward", and there's "why do things the hard way?"

Ideally, the drop amounts and chances should already account for how hard the area is, not just how hard the individual monster is.

However, if a particular monster type can appear either
solo or in groups (with many of the same type or with other types in close proximity), you could argue that there should be "subtypes" with higher drops for the latter. This is already possible in the code just by duplicating the type, tweaking the droplist for the harder area, and using the two in the appropriate zones.

The multiple versions are otherwise almost invisible to the player. This is done for other reasons in many cases, but I'm not sure it's done anywhere for this particular reason.
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Re: Better drops/xp when monsters are killed together

Post by Osho »

The best solution given the limited support would be to simply introduce more high XP monsters anywhere on the map that developers find it appropriate to spawn.

For better loot drops, the developers can always introduce more variety of monsters with unique loot drops in future.

Though I feel AT already has interesting variety of loot available across all types of monsters. It's usefulness to the player is missing.
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