Combining NPC's line for less clicks

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Combining NPC's line for less clicks

Post by Soullessktty »

If we look at the conversation above, it takes about 4 clicks just to get the line where the hero needs to give respond. Why not make it simpler like the following:
Gael: Hi, kid. I am Gael, son of those people in the house over there. I moved out here because I couldn't stand the suffocating smell of mushroom soup anymore. Or, vegetable soup for that matter.

I like meat. Wolves, boars, dogs, puppies. Any kind, really. And snakes, of course. They give the finest meat of all. Cooked, grilled, baked, fried, stewed... Ah, snake meat - nothing compares to it!
It's not like we can skip the conversations, or there is a reason to leave in the middle of the conversation. At least I don't think of any reason.

A lot of other conversations can be compressed like that. Less click, quicker reading and gameplay.
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Re: Combining NPC's line for less clicks

Post by rijackson741 »

This is to not present the player with a wall of text (usually). The conversation is delivered with pauses effectively inserted where you go from one dialog to the next.
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