Possible use for Oegyth crystals?

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Possible use for Oegyth crystals?

Post by definitv »

You can use the crystals for „advancing“ your character already, right?

So allow the same when you want to keep them but in an slightly other way...

Im not shure if this is techincal possible, but i really hope!

I suggest allowing to place one or more in a specific place(that is hard to reach). As long as the crystals are placed there, this would give you a „farming advantage“ in an other specific, far distanced area with a rare item drop chance.
(E.g. placing a cristal somewhere around Remgard would give you the advantage somwhere at the Blackwater Mountain.)

Such an ”farming advantage“ could be:
-Higher spawning rates
-Higher drop Chances
-Character could gain positive affects, if in this place
-monsters drop more xp

It is important that there have to be more intresting areas, than would be possible to activate at once with avilable crystals, so maybe you would need more than one for activating one area.
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Re: Possible use for Oegyth crystals?

Post by Nut »

Nice idea, although I don't know if it's possible with the engine.
I'll keep it in mind
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Re: Possible use for Oegyth crystals?

Post by GnortsmraSirum148 »

There is also a use for Oegyth Crystals is that you can use them to upgrade Herra'zinn's Xul'viir to an actually usable sword.
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