Andor’s Trail Project Meeting #3

Official news about Andor's Trail.
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Andor’s Trail Project Meeting #3

Post by sdevaney » Mon Apr 16, 2012 12:05 am

Andor’s Trail Project Meeting #3
Present: Oskar Wiksten, Stephen Stalnaker, Matthew White, Brent May

1. Follow-up from last meeting
-->Please don’t redistribute links or development builds from these meetings
-->How do we manage a TODO list? In these documents? Issue list / forums / emails / other lists
-->Let’s try a stickied post containing links to other stickied posts.

2. New things that have been completed since the last meeting
-->Critical chance is now nonlinear. “Effective critical chance” scales as the square root of “Critical skill”. Both for players and for monsters. The general consensus so far is that these changes are good.
-->Design outline
-->Forum search fixed
-->We will have to work continually to merge topics and to sticky things that need answering.
-->Worldmap: have list of outdoor maps

3. Things that are being worked on
-->Oegyth crystals - Rare item, predetermined drop places (compare to Nirnroot in oblivion)
-->First attempts at a worldmap (veeeeery early stages)
-->Major quest in Remgard (50% done)

Issues left as todo: since last meeting
-->Select blurry monsters
-->Give notice in conversations when a quest is advanced.
-->Review monsters for v0.6.12 from Ian
-->Continuation on the Vacor/Unzel story - Matthew wants to continue on this
-->Quest-making tutorial
-->Add outdoor info to maps
-->Journal in BWM cabin - Someone could help with writing the text that we should put in the journal fragment.

4. Discussion of some forum threads/posts that people have found interesting, or want clarification on, or maybe a question answered.
-->Map moves around player? re:Topic Configurable? Might feel like the player is more stationary. TODO: We’ll do an implementation of this to get a feel for it.
-->Are the rewards for the “Dark protector” quest balanced? 5% resistance skill vs nice helmet with 1 DR? Make it apparent that the skill is not up-gradable. In the future, the skill might be more worth it, since there will be other items that give 1DR? The skill reward of 5% might be a bit low?
-->Skill refund? re: Topic Refund everything / parts of it / nothing? “It should not be possible to undo the choices made” (A major characteristic of a roguelike game) vs angry players? We should probably not refund critical hit skillpoints. Players that have built critical characters will still have characters that cause massive critical hits. The additions of critical hits that cause conditions (see below) will hopefully make up for the loss of critical chance.
-->Update game about/info re: Topic Matthew: Please feel free to write the text, either in a forum post or in a googledoc.
-->Changes in crits give the ability to add effects? re:url=http://roguebasin.roguelikedevelopment. ... tical_Hits]Interesting Critical Hit Effects[/url] We should make critical hits so that they also cause some condition on the monster (maybe 10%-20% of the time a critical hit is made) Please give input on what types on condition this should be! (fatigue/bleeding wound/poison etc)

Stephen's Thoughts
-->Giant larval burrowers cavern TODO: write some dialogue on the tile with the rope, to build a quest here in the future.
-->Change color of "Mountain brute" from grey to a shade of brown to eliminate resemblance to elephant. (Likewise, change color of the "Fast mountain brute" to eliminate resemblance to an elephant calf.)
-->Add 3 boxes to the worn equipment display, 2 for bracers/gauntlets, & 1 for a belt. - Sure, in a later release.
-->Change treasure chest/small box icon to a pouch in the lower right hand corner of the main screen. - Requires new gfx, which we don’t have.
-->"Eye of the Woodsman" skill, to identify monsters from far away. (Continuation of prior discussion regarding identifying creature types, etc.) - Sure, we’ll do this in the future. The main concern is how the selection interface for this should be.

Issues to discuss for the next meeting
-->Some time in the future, in addition to other major change of the combat system: Should we change the damage done? (Rings 0-6dmg instead of 6-6dmg, base dmg 0-1 instead of 1-1)?

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Re: Andor’s Trail Project Meeting #3

Post by Sarumar » Wed Dec 18, 2013 11:14 pm

a huge +1 to all of the dev's

Most of those things are nowadays a part of the game and working pretty well too.
..dansing left foot polka with Hirathil

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