Andor's Trail Project Meeting #48

Official news about Andor's Trail.
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Andor's Trail Project Meeting #48

Post by sdevaney »

Andor’s Trail Project Meeting #48
Present: Scott Devaney(sdevaney), Stephen Stalnaker(ctnbeh13), Ian Haase(Ian), Kevin Pochat (Zukero)

1. Follow-up from last meeting:
Went over previous meetings TODO’s.

2. Completed since the last meeting:
Ian: Corrected the Stoutford and the Lodar shortcut area completely

6 new starter area quests around Crossglen/ Fallhaven that give 500xp each.

Reviewed, tested, and documented some bugs (some of which are related to the physical keyboard mapping). ~ SCS

Moerit and Ian: Fixed some old maps up (mostly shadow issues)

Ian: Fixed up the Elythara quest. Yay one more step further to the next release!
3. Things that are being worked on:
-Create poll for faction tie ins.
-Creating a fix for Blackwater mountain and create new npcs for v.0.7.2.

Cured/cooked meat - need salt/wood + meat and a little gold, more hp no food poisoning.

A new version will be released (soon). It’ll include the 6 new quests made by Scott, Elythara quest and the lodar shortcut. We will need a month or two but we will release this version as fast as we can.

Arulir mountain and Stoutford (and Mt. Galmore)

4. Discussion of some forum threads/posts that people have found interesting, or want clarification on, or maybe a question answered:
New problem?:
Seems like a device-specific bug. Wait until more info from reporter, more reports or availability of an affected device. Can’t fix it yet.

Arulir mountain quest ... 2&start=20
These are some new great maps!
Some “light” coding required to get it to the desired state. Inclusion planned for v0.7.3.
5. Open Discussion:
Addition of SP(Strength Points): ... ail?id=357

Who does what for the next version?
(Maybe we could focus on 5 lower level quest ideas that are clear to all who may wish to decide to commit to writing one or more of them before the end of the meeting? ~ SCS)
Ian: Create maps and create npcs and place them in the map
Stephen: create quests in general and pick some suggestions from the forums (not for this version)
Kevin: one of the low-level quests if needed. Debug/Alpha/Beta builds compilation and publication to team/forums.

Make the RoL better or create one new legendary item which is really worth it
OR: weapon upgrader
(Enhance some L&E items in Remgard ? --Kevin)

I'm not sure where Google currently stands regarding their Android development guidelines for physical keyboard support, but it has been an endeavor that we have taken effort to code and test for functionality and compatibility. Should we continue to do so? ~ SCS
6. What should we have ready for the next meeting?
Ian: Maybe finishing Blackwater mountain fix

Kevin: build debug version for and special one for arulir mountain evaluation. Write code to allow “removable” quest progress and replacement of object groups in maps (for v0.7.3, not included in v0.7.2).
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meeting #48

Post by pjhousE45 »

Hello all developers. I got really excited while reading what was discussed in meeting #48. I am so excited to see update for AT ready. I know it could be a month or two but it is still great news. Keep up the good work.

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Re: Andor's Trail Project Meeting #48

Post by ZeitzA »

Hey there!

right away apologizing if i do some mistakes in grammar, I am from Germany, Berlin :).
I'm following the game for a while, been playing for 8 months and now after changing my phone restarting playing it.

Just wanna leave a note and a huge compliment, it's addictive and i look forward to whatever update you may bring, keep on doing this awesome work! (being at work playing it atm, how scary is that? :D) ... and pleaaase please please make the story line go on ...

Wish you all the best

Grüße aus Berlin

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Re: Andor's Trail Project Meeting #48

Post by Deirbhe »

Please please raise the amount of meat/bread you can buy at a time to at least 10. Bone meal potions are 50 per time but food takes forever to stock up with only 5 every time : /.

Love love love the game. I've gotten at least 4 chars to 80ish now : D.

Always start a new one with each update

On a side note, some more Legendary items would be fantastic while we wait for Nor City to be completed. Specifically armor pieces since they are lacking at the moment. Best chest in my opinion is Serpent's Hauberk, Boots add only AC 7% and BC 11% for enhanced combat boots and Enhanced combat helm only 7% AC and 6% Block.
I also feel as though the gargoyle trainers and masters are either too low level or too little exp for farming them for the best ring in the game at the moment.. I would like to suggest either raising their difficulty and EXP or at the very least make them worth 150-175 exp so that it is slightly better to farm them, for 10k kills that would be 1.5mil or around 10 levels depending on when you start which seems fair for the 30-40 hours spent farming it :D. Same goes for Rapier of Lifesteal which is arguable the best sword in the game atm, it would be nice for a higher exp reward for farming this area and maybe some drops for gold items such as the potions the gargoyle trainers/masters drop.
I would very much love some more EQ to hunt for while the new areas and quests are being worked on!
Level: 54, XP: 2856082, Gold: 306233
HP: 160, AC: 272%, AD: 36-42, AP: 3/12, BC: 96%, DR: 4 Crit Chance 24% X3
CS:2 IF:3 MF:4 DaggerProf:1 ShieldProf:1 HAP:2 W&S:2 W&SSpec 1 LAP 1 OHSP 1 DBoS 1
RoLS 3! (Two from last 8 shadows killed in 2100!)

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