Andor's Trail Project Meeting #51

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Andor's Trail Project Meeting #51

Post by sdevaney » Mon Aug 11, 2014 5:16 pm

Andor's Trail Project Meeting #51
Date: 2014-08-10
Present: Scott Devaney (sdevaney), Stephen Stalnaker (ctnbeh13), Kevin Pochat (Zukero)
Guests: none

1. The Project
This chapter is focusing on the team, the community, the tools, the process.

1.1 News/Events
A list of facts that occurred since last meeting. This is where we can report events like availability of new tools/processes for the dev team. The result of work achieved can be announced here.

1.2 Discussed in the meeting
Before the meeting we can raise the points we want to discuss in this section, eventually providing links. Below each of these points, we summarize the opinion of each present member on the topic. Someone that will miss the meeting can still provide his opinion this way so that the others know when the meeting comes. The conclusion of each discussion is given in one of the next two sections.

Kevin: Seems like a growing number of new forum members are actively submitting ideas: this is great. However, we feel that most of these projects do not wish to take consideration of the remarks & guidelines offered by the development team, which is disturbing. We believe the game would be evolving better & faster if we all try to move in the same direction.

I agree. A good amount of resources are already available on the forum, and at their respective links. Some of what I’ve read in regard to this issue seems to be inappropriate for the official Andor’s Trail Forum page. ~ SCS

Scott: We appreciate that people enjoy the game enough and want to contribute to the project but the ideas that get used are the ones that fit in with the overall game play and feel of the world. We get tons and tons of good ideas, but that is where 99% of them stop at, just ideas. Let me be clear, just submitting ideas will very rarely translate into game assets. If you want to see a quest/monster/item/map/whatever you created in the game you will need to put in the work for it. Not only that but you will also have to become a champion of your creation, reminding us it exists by expanding on it. If it is a good quest and already has most of it done there is a much much higher chance of it being included than if it were just an idea for a good quest. All of us on the development team have our own ideas too, so of course we want to work on those before anything else from an outside source.

1.3 Questions for the community
When we decide on asking the community about something we discussed, we reference the question here, along with a link to the related topic/poll.

We think about creating forum groups for the different categories of contributors (map makers, quest writers, translators…) so they can be identified more easily and communicated to more efficiently. What do you contributors and forum members feel about that?

1.4 Open votes & decisions
In this section, we take note of “set-in-the-stone” decisions, and questions that we need to think about in order to take a decision at the next meeting.

2. The Game
This chapter is focusing on the game rules, the code capabilities... basically the game design AND the game content (quests, maps, dialogues, skills, NPCs, the storyline…). Same inner layout and function as chapter 1.

2.1 News/Events

2.2 Discussed in the meeting --> More quests given by Mikhail
Kevin: I like the principle, but there’s a huge amount of work to get it right and exhaustive. I’d like comments for some rare milestone quests steps and vague guidelines for the quest for which help is frequently asked on the forums. Question is: who does it, and when? --> Repeat quests
Kevin: This is fine. We already have one (the Izthiel claws selling), but we could use more, aimed at players of different XP levels. One of the planned low-level quests could be of this kind.

Permissible, but also a dressed up version of “grinding”, which is a topic of debate itself. Further elaboration on the matter may be beneficial from the interested members.~ SCS

2.3 Questions for the community

2.4 Open votes & decisions

3. The Bugs
What we have to say about how we messed up. This is getting pretty obvious huh?

3.1 News/Events

3.2 Discussed in the meeting

3.3 Questions for the community

3.4 Open votes & decisions.

4. The Rest

4.1 News/Events

Kevin still working on a desktop version of the AT content editor. Making good progress. Should have a beta ready soon.

4.2 Discussed in the meeting

4.3 Questions for the community

4.4 Open votes & decisions.

5. The Future
This chapter details our current roadmap, and, if nothing happens between two meetings, can be copied over from one doc to the next one.

5.1 Planned team members activities
Each team member details what his/her plans are before next meeting. Like a ToDo list.
Kevin: keep working on desktop content editor, then debug the Elythara questline, and finally write one low-level quest.

5.2 Current plans for next version(s)
Details of the release roadmap. What we plan to include and when.
A game content release finally.

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Re: Andor's Trail Project Meeting #51

Post by Tomas 3 » Mon Aug 11, 2014 5:59 pm

i wrote some complete quests for the game i can sent them for you to think if are acceptable or not
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Re: Andor's Trail Project Meeting #51

Post by sdevaney » Tue Sep 23, 2014 12:09 am

Sure, if they are mostly complete send them along, if they are just ideas post them here:

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