Andor's Trail Project Meeting #52

Official news about Andor's Trail.
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Andor's Trail Project Meeting #52

Post by sdevaney » Tue Sep 23, 2014 12:08 am

Andor's Trail Project Meeting #52
Date: 2014-08-24
Present: Scott Devaney (sdevaney), Stephen Stalnaker (ctnbeh13), Ian Haase (Ian)
Guests: none

1. The Project
This chapter is focusing on the team, the community, the tools, the process.

1.1 News/Events
A list of facts that occurred since last meeting. This is where we can report events like availability of new tools/processes for the dev team. The result of work achieved can be announced here.

1.2 Discussed in the meeting
Before the meeting we can raise the points we want to discuss in this section, eventually providing links. Below each of these points, we summarize the opinion of each present member on the topic. Someone that will miss the meeting can still provide his opinion this way so that the others know when the meeting comes. The conclusion of each discussion is given in one of the next two sections.

The team:
Discussed more in depth the storyline and ending scenarios of the main quest.

Established two new forum groups:

Development Team:
-Scott Devaney
-Stephen Stalnaker
-Kevin Pochat
-Ian Haase

Developer Assistants:
A title and category that will be added to the Authors tab in-game, as well as the forum. These contributors will be comprised of members of/from the Development Corner, who have content completed which has been reviewed and approved by the Development Team. This is not an appointment of commitment, but rather an acknowledgement of one. We will reveal further information once everything is in place.

Which member of the development team wants to create 5 to 6 low level quests?

1.3 Questions for the community
When we decide on asking the community about something we discussed, we reference the question here, along with a link to the related topic/poll.

1.4 Open votes & decisions
In this section, we take note of “set-in-the-stone” decisions, and questions that we need to think about in order to take a decision at the next meeting.

2. The Game
This chapter is focusing on the game rules, the code capabilities... basically the game design AND the game content (quests, maps, dialogues, skills, NPCs, the storyline…). Same inner layout and function as chapter 1.

2.1 News/Events

-Changed Lleglaris dialogue to make his quest more accessible for the player.

-Tweaked the item's stats of versions 0.6.11 and v.0.7. Rijackson741 is still looking over my tweaks and may refine my changes.

-Added a resting option in Lodar’s hideaway.

-Added a new medium level quest which makes it possible to open up a pathway from Fallhaven to the Duleian Road.

-Edited mountaincave for alignment purposes.

-Working on the indoor areas of the "whitecabin", the glowing house in the southwest of Fallhaven. There will be some magic traps inside and a labyrinth leading to an ancient Shadow cult place. Vacor and Unzel will be tied into the story associated with the "whitecabin" as well. This will be a high-level quest, so the long-time players should be satified.

-Finished the Blackwater mountain fix some time ago. YAY! Just hasn’t been mentioned before I think.

Guidelines leading us to the completion of the story of the main quest

We are gathering ideas and refining storyline for the main quest. We really need to decide now how the story should end so we have a developmental guideline. This will make it easier for us to include major quests (Feygard vs Nor City), and other side quests (the decision of helping/not helping an ordinary person could have an effect on the main quest as well, influencing the main quest somehow).

We could approach the completion of a story for the main quest by first asking questions, and then by giving answers to them. After that process, we should have (hopefully) many ideas which we can narrow down afterwards. At the end, we will have a complete main quest with multiple possible outcomes..

What quests being heavily decision-dependent should effect the main quest?
-Nor City
-Kazaul (the red beasts which Oskar used in the temple under BWM and in the cave under the dried-up lake. So they seem to have some importance in the whole story.)
-Thieves Guild
-Prim and BWM
-side quests: Vacor/Unzel and Kaverin; helping Benbyr (gain trust of a person allowing you to enter a certain town/ village); ...

The game should be made decision-dependent like Oskar wanted to have it. Future updates will definitely have an impact on what decisions you made earlier on.

HERE WAS ALL THE SPOILER STORYLINE STUFF, ABOUT 5 PAGES. I will see about adding a redacted version soon!

2.2 Discussed in the meeting

2.3 Questions for the community

2.4 Open votes & decisions

3. The Bugs
What we have to say about how we messed up. This is getting pretty obvious huh?

3.1 News/Events

3.2 Discussed in the meeting

3.3 Questions for the community

3.4 Open votes & decisions.

4. The Rest

4.1 News/Events

4.2 Discussed in the meeting

4.3 Questions for the community

4.4 Open votes & decisions.

5. The Future
This chapter details our current roadmap, and, if nothing happens between two meetings, can be copied over from one doc to the next one.

5.1 Planned team members activities
Each team member details what his/her plans are before next meeting. Like a ToDo list.

-Finish "whitecabin " maps and add a quest for it.

-Supply additional variables for the main quest.

-Get forum stuff done.


5.2 Current plans for next version(s)
Details of the release roadmap. What we plan to include and when.

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Re: Andor's Trail Project Meeting #52

Post by Zukero » Tue Sep 23, 2014 2:18 pm

Great work guys, and thanks for the lightning fast implementation scott !
Color change FTW !
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