some maps/quests

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some maps/quests

Post by kerasi » Fri May 04, 2012 3:15 am

With summer now in full swing i've found myself losing steam on finshing my map/quest. Does anyone else want to flesh it out and finish it to submit for approval? A month or so ago it was snowing and freezing now it's glorious blue skies and i find myself not wanting to sit at the computer.

The quest was basically you come across a guy wants you to go in his maze. when in there you need a password to get out the other side which is only on a specific sign. You get out of the maze and go into the house. There's 3 npcs who give each give you a quest. 1 to get his wedding ring back from a priest. The other to kill the master. the 3rd npc to collect some necromancer and summoner staffs from the mobs. The necromancers and summoners are at the altars on the way to the underground house and side around the red chairs. The priest is a single mob at the altar inside the house and the master is on the throne at the back.

This is the mob text i have so far
{larval_burrower|monsters_rltiles2:165|Larval burrower||1x1|1|||120|10|5|5|130|||15|21|85|1|||0|||||||};
{skeleton_trooper|monsters_redshrike1:2|Skeleton trooper||1x1|6|||250|12|5|4|120|10|2|18|25|80|||||||||||};
{skeleton_warrior|monsters_rltiles2:177|Skeleton warrior||1x1|6|||280|10|5|5|120|||32|40|90|3||||||||||};
{angry_wasp|monsters_ld2:222|Angry wasp||1x1|1|||180|10|5|3|150|||12|22|70|||||||||||};
{summoned_demon|monsters_ld2:25|Summoned demon||1x1|2|||320|10|5|5|80|||42|56|80|5||||||||||};
{fire_leech|monsters_rltiles2:155|Fire leech||1x1|2|||270|10|5|5|135|||25|32|90|2|||1|1|10|||{{|1||100|}}||};
{red_whirlwind|monsters_rltiles2:157|Red whirlwind||1x1|||||10|5|5|||||||||||||||||};
Is what i've wrote of the dialogue. I know it's not a lot. I keep getting distracted with the maps.
Ruff conversation at maze entrance,

Good day to you Sir. You look strong care to test yourself? Or maybe you're not upto the challenge?
I'm always ready for a challenge!

Speak to me like that again i'll cut out your tongue!

I'm busy looking for my brother. Maybe you have seen him?
That's the spirit!

I meant no offense sir

Ah yes. I thought you looked familiar he passed through here a few days ago *snicker*

Make your way through the maze sir there's a house on the other side. You can rest up it's very relaxing.

Inside the Maze

Notice board

You'll need the password to get through the other side. See if you can find the right sign.

Ruff conversation at maze exit.

Ah there you are. Having fun?

This place is crawling with undead!

What could be more fun than hacking the dead to pieces.

Heh well i hope you have the password or i can't let you pass i'm afraid

The password is__________

No i haven't found it yet.

Ok sir right this way to the rest house.

Oh i'm sorry sir i can't let you pass then. Goodluck.

Inside the rest house

3 npcs
Feel free to change and do whatever you want.
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Re: some maps/quests

Post by Pyrizzle » Sat May 05, 2012 11:21 pm

Nice work! :D

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