Monster attacks

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Re: Monster attacks

Post by DarkSavant13 » Sun Jun 10, 2012 3:35 pm

mdmedlin wrote:Yeah, it was something I was thinking about in a quest I had in the back of my mind as far as collecting eye stalks for an npc. But I wasn't sure about what I would do about the mobs. How can I make a kick butt monster that will strike fear into the hearts of adventurers, make those that are 100+ want to make sure they have PLENTY of bonemeal to get them through one fight, but wait, that wasn't the main boss??!!?? Bwahhhahahahhhahha. So anyway, yeah I would like there to be a slight chance of each actor condition only once a round, to make it a tiny bit fair for our intrepid adventurourourours
Hey, feel free to use anything I post, as well as modify it to match what you want if you think it needs modified. ;) Personally, I think this mob is perfect for taking level 80 through 100 up against it (depending on build and armor of course). But, if you really feel it needs changing for your quest, go ahead. :)

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