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Appendix B - View Javadoc and/or sources of the Android API

Post by Zukero » Thu Jan 30, 2014 4:11 pm

Appendix B - View Javadoc and/or sources of the Android API

If you are OK with giving ~600MB of hard drive to have an integrated local documentation & sources for the Android API (all the code made by Google, not the one made by Andor's Trail dev team), follow these instructions:

Open the "SDK Manager" ("<ADT Root>/SDK Manager.exe"), and under the API version you are using (API 18 these days), select the "Documentation for the Android SDK" and the "Sources for the Android SDK" items, and click "Install packages...".

Once complete, under eclipse's "Package Explorer", right-click on "AndorsTrail/Android 4.3/android.jar" (you Android version may vary) and select "Build Path->Configure Build Path...".

In the opened "AndorsTrail Project Properties" window, make sure that the "Libraries" tab is select, and expand the "Android 4.3/android.jar" node.
Select "Javadoc location", and click on "Edit...". Make sure "Javadoc URL" is selected, and click on "Browse...". Navigate to "<ADT Root>/sdk/docs/reference/" and click Ok. Click "Ok" in the other window as well.
Now, select "Source attachment" (above "Javadoc location"), and click on "Edit...". Select "External location" and click on "External folder...". Navigate to "<ADT Root>/sdk/sources/android-18/" and click "Ok". Click "Ok" in the other window as well.

Finally, click yet again on the "Ok" button to close the "AndorsTrail Project Properties" window.

Congratulations, you can now place your mouse cursor over any Android class or method name and see its documentation, and hit F3 when the cursor is in an Android class or method name to view its source.
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Re: Contributing to Andor's Trail

Post by Moerit » Fri Jun 27, 2014 6:35 pm

After reading through all the suggestioned parts about git, i still had problems coming clear with eclipse.
I would like to suggest the following tutorial for all people who are not familiar with git and eclipse:

English Version
German Version
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Re: Contributing to Andor's Trail

Post by noamik » Tue Jul 01, 2014 7:29 pm

I just wanted to add that I can run the emulator on a dual core i7 with almost native speed. Animations are a tad slower than on my device, but not by much. Maybe 80-90% speed. It's important to emulate an x86 atom though ...

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