Arulir Mountain

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Re: Arulir Mountain

Post by Moerit »

A lot of minerals... looks like i have to make the arulirmountain a bit larger with that load of content :D
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Re: Arulir Mountain

Post by rijackson741 »

hailstone wrote:also needed a deer horn for stone knapping to produce a dagger from the obsidian rock
Somewhere, someone has a pet deer call Bambi frolicking in their yard... :twisted:
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Re: Arulir Mountain

Post by hailstone »

rijackson741 wrote:Somewhere, someone has a pet deer call Bambi frolicking in their yard... :twisted:
In the world of AT, Enraged Spectre Deer Bambi roars: 'Bring it on!'.
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Re: Arulir Mountain

Post by CovidCrusher-19 »

Woo! This was my first tough fight in a while! I was lured in by easy Arulir's even getting to the Golden's was just longer fights, and making sure I watch my HP to avoid crit knock outs.

Then I got to the bottom level and boy were those long tough fights. I was definitely underpowered, but it's nice to have to sweat through an area!

I'll definitely be back here in a level or two because it's great XP, just too slow for me right now with my current damage output.
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Re: Arulir Mountain

Post by tecc »

This cave is utterly miserable. It's a thankless grind. At no point did I actually feel at risk of dying, just bored and frustrated. The drops are junk. First thing I've done in game which I would not bother to do again a new character even just for completionism.

Looks nice. But awful. Even the xp the mobs provide is not worth the time investment.

And to think it did have a great sword that might of made it worthwhile!

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Re: Arulir Mountain

Post by CKork »

Love it. Love the sword
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