Way of the monk

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Milo Hiroya
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Way of the monk

Post by Milo Hiroya »

Shouldn't it provide a damage modifier as well? At high levels it feels so inferior to other styles.
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Re: Way of the monk

Post by CKork »

I don`t think so.
Bare handed has 4AP. Most 4 AP weapons have a modifier if 100%, give or take a bit. Therefore it is in line with weapons of the same speed
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Re: Way of the monk

Post by Lacrom »

Yes, the best damage modifier of an 4AP weapon is barbed dagger (107%) so no modifier for the mpnk seems ok to me
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Re: Way of the monk

Post by rijackson741 »

The DM will never vary much from 100% for a 4AP weapon, because it was used as the baseline in the calculations for DM. It only varies from 100% at all because I added a little variation to make in interesting.
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