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Tapping out of dialog

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A week or so ago, there was a chat in the Discord #suggestions channel about making it easier to tap outside of dialog windows to close them quickly.

Brief recap:
  • Prior to version 0.7.10, tapping outside of a conversation/dialog window closed it. This was problematic, because it made accidentally closing dialog too easy.
  • Now, taps outside of a dialog window are ignored. Leaving a conversation requires either selecting a reply that ends the dialog, or tapping the Leave button.
  • Some dialog windows (e.g. signposts, tavern drunks) are a mild nuisance, since the user can no longer simply tap away to escape the chat.
We chatted about three possible alternatives:
  • Add a preferences option to restore the pre-0.7.10 behavior (which I implemented here).
  • Selectively restore the pre-0.7.10 behavior when a conversation reaches a terminal state (i.e., either no replies are available or all replies immediately end conversation with no effect).
  • Leave it as it is.
Is there an appetite for either of the proposed changes, or similar? Or are we generally happier with the current behavior as is?
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Re: Tapping out of dialog

Post by Antison »

Leave it as is. In fact, there are still dialogs that can be closed by tapping outside of it. Which I want to eliminate too. The simple idea of tapping outside the window to close it is so wrong to me. if the message wasn't important enough for you to read and you want to quickly get rid of it enough then why are we even showing the message? Just go into the settings and shut the loot windows off. there are far too many hidden items in this game that are presented to you in a dialogue and if you just tap it away clicking away through the map you always miss it. That's why we implemented this change in 7.10.
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