Shortcut routes

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Shortcut routes

Post by cat486 »

I played Andor's trail some 5 or 6 years ago and recently I've rediscovered it (new quests, new areas ....) and started to play it again.

I have an idea:
For some quests, there is relatively long route to be taken and in some cases, you have to go back and forth some routes.
I am thinking if there could be shortcuts that would be enabled as part of quests.
Relatively annoying is to go over and over the dark mine route between Stoutford and Prim (as you will be going there quite often for all those side quests), while you learn the correct way quickly, it is still relatively annoying bumping into walls in the dark.
So you could enable some shortcut as result of quest (clearing a route in the direct rail tunnel? )

Perhaps similar shortcuts could be done also elsewhere (Remgard? I got there in the old version, so I am not sure how/if that has changed) that will enable kind of shortcuts for long travel. For Remgard perhaps when you reach it, there could be a way that will enable some kind of long-distance travel via boat to places on the river, like kind of paid ferry?

Do you think it is a good idea to add ways of faster travel, or will it go against the spirit or plan of the game?
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Re: Shortcut routes

Post by CKork »

These ideas get suggested every now and then.

While I do not think it is necessary, and some long or dangerous routes do make sense according to story and NPC talk, a "shortcut" or "improved way" would really be welcome in some instances (at least by me).
The dark passage before Prim is one of these. Sooo annoying. And come on, that Blackwater NPC gets through wirhout going down there. Why cant we (at least after some quest progression)?
If you don't want a shortcut, at least give us the opportunity to "turn on the lights". A merchant in Prim and BWM could sell some flares (or give them as reward of a small side quest) which you can use to get light into the cave.
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Re: Shortcut routes

Post by rijackson741 »

I just marked the path with small rocks, of which I have a near infinite supply.
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