"Lesson learned" quest

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Re: "Lesson learned" quest

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eor wrote: Mon Jul 20, 2020 6:43 am This quest unsettled me a bit as well.. I did not kill the teacher, but I did kill the kid, and did not expect that outcome..it feels somewhat like I was tricked into doing something bad.

Usually in AT, I know if I'm about to be bad (sheep, rift, kidnappings, etc.), but this particular badness is unexpected.

It's a highly creative quest, just "tricky".
I suppose I will redo the quest, & kill the statue, which seems to be the nicest way to finish..it does seem like there should be a bit more warning before I stumble into becoming a child killer :o
Plenty of spoilers; I warned you:
Yeah, imo it's the "correct way" to finish it because one, you get more exp than killing your seatmate or your teacher and two, you also get a cake for being a good kid (note: I prefer the whole cake than the sliced) from the general store (west Brimhaven, bottom left store). Also you're always welcome back to the school unlike the first two endings. edit: I forgot but equipping the wooden equipments is only canonical before you fight the teacher, but (obviously) fighting the monster requires full gear (at least for me).

Btw I just found the game recently (I think a month or two ago) and I'm currently doing "Searching for madness" (I just managed to reach Lodar, I'm level 33 and farming near his house) yet I finished the Basilisk quest (I chose to save his Sister) and I (now regret) killing the two brothers instead of destroying the dam myself. (It gets destroyed even if you kill the poor brothers, you just one, killed two poor people and two, not get any money, but I'm more sad that I killed two innocent people which didn't affect the bigger picture); I told you there are plenty of spoilers). The difficulty scaling is nice and impressive
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Re: "Lesson learned" quest

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I would not call the brothers "innocent".
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