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Re: unique usernames

Post by Ironman86 »

I chose Ironman due to my career in railroad maintainence. "Track maintainence". Plus I like the Ironman movies.
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Re: unique usernames

Post by T-rex2298 »

T-rex is the nickname one of my brothers chose for me for a game account a while ago. And 2298 some select numbers to make it extremely unique.
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Re: unique usernames

Post by BiasZebra »

Way way back, I installed this game called Blockheads. It had a cool multiplayer mode, and you had to pick a profile pic. I had this cool pictures of a Zebra with golden stripes, so I picked it. I just called myself Zebra in the game. That was my first legitimate gaming name I used, other than the cringe fest when I was 12 (I mean, Enderlord and DeathHaste, really?)

The Bias part was completely random. Later on when I decided to use a single username shared between all the games I played (not that there's much of them), I decided to go Reddit style and add a random adjective in the beginning, so I picked BiasZebra.

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