the answer to the life long question...

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Re: the answer to the life long question...

Post by Pyrizzle » Sat May 18, 2013 12:41 am

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Re: the answer to the life long question...

Post by ace » Wed Jun 25, 2014 4:15 pm

wow,thers a great knowledge in this forum( I didn't know about ten codes before). well the creatures come into existance is according like how much time before they appeared on earth.the list goes like this for the last 4 billion years the earth was a home for fire and when earth's mental cooled life evolved from simple molecules present in the vast sea and then for the last 3.6 billion years,
simple cells (prokaryotes) existed;
for the last 3.4 billion years,
cyanobacteria performing
photosynthesis(you can call cynobacteria as the first live roaming creatures on earth);
and for the last 2 billion years,
complex cells or multicellular life forms(metazoa) (eukaryotes );
for the last 1 billion years,
multicellular life ;
and for the last 600 million years,
simple animals;
anf for the last 550 million years,
bilaterians , animals with a front
and a back;
for the last 500 million years,
fish and proto -amphibians ;
therefore dinos is not the correct ans as they come into existance after these and others,.
moral:even science don't knows the answers clearly. :D

.... and for the question that if the bowl is half empty or half fill purely depend upon the person who is filling it and personal positive/negativeness.
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Re: the answer to the life long question...

Post by ctnbeh13 » Thu Jun 26, 2014 10:11 am

The chicken or the egg question is one that is more often than not based upon the opposing beliefs of creation vs evolution.

Without going into the details of the latter and their points of comparison, consider the natural process of the life cycle of the chicken. For an egg to hatch under normal conditions, it requires the chicken to be present to sit upon the egg while the life inside continues to develop.

For those of you who enjoy scrambled eggs (and you're making them yourself), I highly recommend removing the umbilical cord that you'll find connecting the yolk to the white, as they can be a little chewy. ;)
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