Anwyn - kid in search of her brother Andor

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Anwyn - kid in search of her brother Andor

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Recent revelations show that Andor is not beeing followed by his brother, but by his sister.
Anwyn, youngest member of the family, didn't care for the gossip of neighbours, and went out to find her missing brother. Sometimes her short hair and rude behaviour let people think she's a boy...

Might be - this idea came to me when I was scanning through the text and wondered why it is always talked of a kid, and (almost) never of boy or lad.
In German translation sometimes "kid" is translated as "Junge" which means "boy", but ok, Anwyn doesn't care about it :-)

So I let Anwyn start her quest. She has already level 33, and did some decisions more wisely than her predecessor Nut. But as she does not speak the English very well, she avoids places where no German is spoken, like BlackWaterMountain, the green maze, ... - Before going there she rather waits for the next AT update hoping that these people will have learned to speak German over night :D

And what do you think in which place she is waiting? (Hint: Where do you get 102 or 111 EP?)
Gargoyle Cave of course - where else? She still is lacking some piece of jewelry
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