Need a perhaps stupid excel help

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Need a perhaps stupid excel help

Post by Firefly84 »

I am despairing at a normally easy when...then formular at excel 2010.
I changed a list for work with doctors, their adress and subject (I successful used dropdown and sverweis there).
But then there is the problem with the car use.
I did a dropdown with yes and no but then I need the list to show me the distance driven when the car use is "yes".

Formula used: =WENN(I3="ja";SVERWEIS(B3;Arztbesuche!$A$3:$D$23;4;FALSCH);0)

Sorry, that the formular is in German.
WENN is either if or when

Instead of the distance it only wrote #NV.

I really need help until I have to go to work in 2 hours. :cry:
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Re: Need a perhaps stupid excel help

Post by Gonk »

Sad, I have no Excel at home.

My strategy in those kind if cases is to break things down in smaller parts and see what is working. Like



You could also post the error message.

One reason for those kind of things not working is when there is a single values expected but sverweis gives multiple values.
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Re: Need a perhaps stupid excel help

Post by Nut »

NV means that the sverweis don't find the value of b3 in the column Arztbesuche:a3:a23
Or if this value of b3 is in the list, then the value of Arztbesuche:d... is already NV

Hope this helps - excel is wonderful but sometimes hard to find errors

(Gonk shows a good way to find such errors)
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