Notice to all translators

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Re: Notice to all translators

Post by Nut »

Cool, thanks, zukero!
Although I recommend to wait for the release and play it yourself before starting to translate. The translations would be a big spoiler otherwise...
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Re: Notice to all translators

Post by Zukero »

Hello translators!

Thanks to the many feedback we received so far on the beta, I had to make a new update to the translatable strings.
Github contributor and Hungarian translator Ur Balazs (I don't think he is on the forums) fixed A LOT of typo and style inconsistencies, so there are A LOT of strings with the [REVIEW] tag, and a couple with the [OUTDATED] one.

I also made some bad moves during the last translations update, and had no choice but to overwrite all "Game Content" translations made since then (~3 weeks ago). I'm really sorry about that, but I had no other sane way to deal with it, besides learning all the languages you guys translate to.
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