Returning after a while

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Returning after a while

Post by Jxc »

I'm not sure if I should post this here or in off topic but here goes...
I have always been a bit of a fan of andors trail, however the incompleteness of the game always caused me to drift away from it after a while playing, however I always seem tl come back as there is no other game that can substitute for andors trail, it is truly unique. I'm absolutely delighted to see that andors trail appears to be more active than ever at the moment so I decided to reinstall the game and start new again. I have a few questions however - as the last time I played was over 2 years ago, so I assume a fair bit has changed.
• Have any of the bigger cities been added? (I remember there was meant to be one big city In the north west and one in the south east)
• Is the game a little less "grindy"? Not that I minded too much but I remember some things taking an awful long time to complete
• I realise there are roadmaps and forum posts but it can be a little overwhelming so: in regards to the main quest, how far complete has it been developed?
• Is this website the only place of discussion?
Sorry if some of these questions are difficult to understand or the answers are right in front of me, I just figured someone might be kind enough to point things out for me :D
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Re: Returning after a while

Post by rijackson741 »

Nor City and Feygard are still not in the game. They are very big tasks.
Yes, it's less grindy. We have added a lot of material for intermediate levels. We still need to add more though.
The main quest is further along than it was, but we will not be able to complete it until we have both Feygard and Nor City, and, as noted above, those are very big tasks.
We also have a Discord channel to discuss the game. Look at the top of these forum screens for the link.
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