10 years of open community - Andor's Trail

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10 years of open community - Andor's Trail

Post by sdevaney »

As we have passed the 10 year anniversary of the creation of this community I need to thank each and every one of you for being a part of it. There’s no way we would have made it this far without your continued contributions, patience, and support. The fact that so many different people can come together over time to help create something for no monetary gain is continuously amazing.

I would now like to bring some discussion to an opinion this community has helped me developed over time which is:
Open-source creation is paid for by others in both effort and time. As such we should be clear about our expectations from users and their expectations from open-source contributors.
The above premise suggests there really shouldn't be any expectations on what you get out of an open-source project that you choose to use. You should view everything in open-source creation as a kindness that someone has done for you and others. Putting things into that perspective takes away the feeling of expectation and entitlement. This frames open-source participation as someone doing something nice for the community, project, and by extension you.

As soon as you start demanding or expecting something from an open-source project you have stopped viewing it as it was intended, and that distortion can be poisonous to the community and the project itself. When someone chooses to donate their precious time to an open-source project they do it voluntarily as a nice thing that they enjoy doing. They often don't do it because someone demanded it of them, and the instant they feel that their time or effort is not appropriately appreciated as the gift that it is, they stop enjoying contributing to the project. And when someone stops enjoying something they do for free, they often burn out and quit.

Taking the altruistic view of open-source keeps things in the community grounded and healthy. Viewing open-source as a kindness someone else has done for everyone gives the appropriate perspective that this is something nice and no one has any expectations from it. It's like when I hold the door open for someone. Ultimately I don't expect anything in return (although a "thanks" is always appreciated). And the person passing through the door doesn't expect anything else from me either. But when someone in open-source makes demands, it's like the person passing through the door criticizing how the door was held open. It's pointless and simply leads to people no longer being willing to hold open doors for others.

To reiterate, you should view open-source as a series of kind acts people have done altruistically. This means you should not make demands or hold any expectations of an open-source project.

Please take a minute to personally appreciate your contribution, no matter how small. That we are able to continue beyond these 10 years is a testament to all of our perseverance and hope for the future of Dhayavar.
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Re: 10 years of open community - Andor's Trail

Post by RaptorNXT »

Deepest thanks and a standing applause from a very grateful fan of Andor's Trail!

Agree wholeheartedly with the observations in this post.




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Re: 10 years of open community - Andor's Trail

Post by t_deshpande »

Congratulations and Thank you to make this wonderful world for US
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Re: 10 years of open community - Andor's Trail

Post by Soullessktty »

Hats off for the team. I know how hard it is to come up with contents which are enjoyable by many. So, congratulation for the 10th year! Thank you for all the hard work, fellas!
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Re: 10 years of open community - Andor's Trail

Post by Antison »

On this 10-year anniversary I feel like we should give a special call-out to Oskar Wilksten, the creator of this awesome game that we all love. If not for him, none of this would be possible.
He imagined and created this game and with the help of many others, this game and it's community is still thriving 10 years later.
I've been here for almost the entire 10 years. There were a few times where I thought it was over, but thanks to the community that won't let it die, it still thrives.

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Re: 10 years of open community - Andor's Trail

Post by Eillie »

Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved!

I am always in awe whenever the game draws me back in and I can enjoy hours and hours of beautiful game play and story. This whole project is a massive achievement especially for an opensource game!

I am very grateful for all your great work and I am looking forward to the future content. Keep it up guys! Your work is highly appreciated.
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Re: 10 years of open community - Andor's Trail

Post by Thibaut »

Very nice text!
Congrats and thanks to all the people who participate(d) to develop this project.
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Re: 10 years of open community - Andor's Trail

Post by GoofusInsanius »

Gotta love the Doors, Hodor! :D

Thanks a lot dev-crew!
I've recently returned to the game, loved all the new content.
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Re: 10 years of open community - Andor's Trail

Post by Growler »

Fantastic game.. I've come back to it multiple times over the past few years and enjoyed it each time!

A Hearty "Thank You" to all those who have contributed in whatever way.. content, programming, fielding questions here and maintaining these very helpful forums! <3
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Re: 10 years of open community - Andor's Trail

Post by aaron-fawcett »

i can't wait for a new update to come out soon
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