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Buy/Sell Vendor Info

Post by Coolebeans »

Seems simple but what really is in a game. The idea is to show the information for your already equipped item in the same box as the item you are looking to purchase/sell so you can compare the two. If using two weapons, both could be displayed or a 'switch' between main and off hand - same with rings (I would think it better to display both if both are equipped). Will also help with buying an item that you already have equipped (Jewel of Fallhaven) so you don't buy it twice.

This info could also be expanded for items in your inventory vs items equipped also to compare at a glance. It would help a lot with items that have a lot of attributes.
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Re: Buy/Sell Vendor Info

Post by rijackson741 »

Hello Coolebeans, and welcome to the forums.

This has come up before. We don't disagree, but it's never made it high enough up the priority list for us to do anything about it :roll:
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