This game needs to be totally rebalanced

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Re: This game needs to be totally rebalanced

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rijackson741 wrote: Mon May 24, 2021 2:22 pm Hits per turn: The forums go back a long way, and things have changed, so much of what is said about equipment is obsolete. Especially this. In almost all situations low attack cost weapons were better. The only real exception was monsters with very high DR. That's why we introduced the damage modifier. The numbers for this are not arbitrary, they are based on a very large number of builds from different players. High attack cost weapons will always have a higher modifier, to make up for the lower number of hits. On average, players will get the same amount of damage regardless of the weapon attack cost, but as already explained, that's just on average. In practice it depends on your build characteristics and the combat situation.
Yeah, I thought that low attack cost weapons were usually better except when dealing with DR, which I learned from this forum. If I am reading a post from 2015 or something, how do I know if the information is current today or if it has become wrong? You even link an example walkthrough on the top of the forums from 2014, which is presumably obsolete now.
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Re: This game needs to be totally rebalanced

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The low attack cost weapons were utterly overpowered, especially the quick strike dagger.
We have rebalanced the combat calculations and nerfed this dagger and improved slow weapons, so the old posts are out of date about this now.
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Re: This game needs to be totally rebalanced

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After the rebalancing, Shadow of the Slayer together with Jewel of Fallhaven is quite a good two-handed weapon for the middle levels: two hard hits per round, good crit, and regain a point on every kill (which keeps the HP from creeping down when you're fighting a swarm).
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