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This game needs to be totally rebalanced

Discussions of the development process of the game.
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Re: This game needs to be totally rebalanced

Post by Nut »

The reason that we don't follow most of LichKings suggestions isn't our limited time. We just have a different opinion.
E.g. his complain about a weapon that is too good gets a debuff: This is exactly what we need for a balanced game, otherwise noone will ever use anything else than this weapon.

I won't repeat all the arguments brought up so far now. But I believe that the game is rather balanced, because different players choose different items and skills and way of regeneration.

Of course l can imagine changes that would further improve the game. But the suggestions brought up here don't really convince me.
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Re: This game needs to be totally rebalanced

Post by tactical371 »

Someday in the far future when I have the time and inclination to do so, I will teach myself how to modify save files, mod the game, and compile it from a modified source. Then, I will write essays on this forum on how to do those things. That way, people who disagree with how the game is balanced can customize the game how they like it by reading the essays and following the instructions.

That is the beauty of free-and-open-source software. The user has full control over it and can modify it how they want, as long as they are willing to learn. We are so used to closed-source proprietary software that it does not even occur to us that we can modify free-and-open-source software the way we see fit. But we can, with some hard work.
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