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APP not responding

Post by Usirim2 »

it's not a bug which is related to Andors trail (imho) but an Android thing:

lately I am observing lags when opening the map or loading a savegame, resulting in a message (app not responding => wait/abort) which won't stop popping up until i quit the game and stop the app.
The environment is:
Motorola G42, game saved on internal memory and this happens only while having a sd inserted.
OS: Lineage OS (v19) and CalyxOS (based on Android 14)
(on Graphene OS (Pixel 6) no problem at all)

I'm assuming that it's related to the Android-internal behaving who it handles sd-memory. I guess that first the OS is accessing the sd to read map or savegame from sd, then looking at the internal memory, and one related threat or prozess keeps hanging, resulting in an error.

On the sd exists an emty copy of the android/data/... folder structure as on internal memory, which leads me to the describted assumtion.
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Re: APP not responding

Post by Raphi »

Ay, you just solved my issue! :lol:
I did have the same issue with the map. I also encountered long waiting times at mapchanges, when walking into a new map that I haven't been since this issue started.
I just removed my SD card and now everything is fluent again. The weird thing about it though, my SD card was not used at all. It is broken and I just had it in my phone still. All my files from AT are on internal storage.
Happened to me on Android 11 (Samsung A50).
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