Priority Survey 2013 Results

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Priority Survey 2013 Results

Post by sdevaney »

Hello everyone,

It is that time again, a few months back we had a priority survey of things we in the development group wanted to get done. We just needed a guideline to see when which ones you guys in the community wanted.

First let me say on behalf of the whole dev group thank you all for all your responses, we had roughly 200 total which is almost double what we had last survey!!! If you guys like these we will keep doing them, they really help us focus our efforts.

Here is the order in which the questions were ranked with their total number of votes and our notes on each:

1. How much would you like a sortable inventory? Votes: 822
Will do! This was the most wanted thing by a good margin.
Questions remain on how this should look though. Maybe a mockup would work to have something to discuss around?

2. How much would you like more starter area quests? Votes: 762
Expand the current quests.
Lots of good (partial) ideas from the forums on new quests
Most of them will probably be fetch-this-thing type of quests, so we’ll have to vary them as something more interesting so it doesn’t get boring.

3. How much would you like showing actor conditions in the combat log as well? Votes: 609
“You got poisoned by the snake!”
“The snake poisoned you!”
Will do that. Probably easy to do. Someone that wants to try some coding might be interested in doing that?

4. How would you like the game to be able to spawn/remove NPC's that are not in the current conversation? Votes: 605
Available in v0.7.1

5. How much would you like to set your own difficulty option? Votes: 577
- Give more exp rewards?
- Less exp when dying
More content and finishing the storyline has higher priority than this though.

6. Would you like to have achievements in the game? Votes: 565
Need list of good ideas on examples of what these could be.

7. Would you like to be able to use one time use offensive items? Votes: 554
“Adds poison to your weapon for 3 rounds”
“Inflicts 10-15 HP damage on the opponent”
Could add some good variety to the game. We will most likely do this some time in the future because of that.

8. Would you use different types of attack stances? Votes: 549
Let’s wait a bit with this idea, and not spend unnecessary time on it right now.

9. How much would you like to be able to change the localization inside the game? Votes: 446
Available in v0.7.1.

Summarizing the comments
Lots of people are asking for more content. Thank you for enjoying it thus far :)
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Re: Priority Survey 2013 Results

Post by PK17 »

As promised on the other thread, I'll add the link to the 'lower-level quest ideas' page. And please, if you come up with some more, post them there, or start a new thread!!!!!
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Re: Priority Survey 2013 Results

Post by Pyrizzle »

Interesting results. This is a lot of great data for the development team.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out a survey!

Happy hunting adventurers!

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Re: Priority Survey 2013 Results

Post by fiernaq »

sdevaney wrote:8. Would you use different types of attack stances? Votes: 549
Let’s wait a bit with this idea, and not spend unnecessary time on it right now.
Awww, only #8? :(
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Re: Priority Survey 2013 Results

Post by Michael Bennett »

Is there any talk of making legendary items drop rate higher
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Re: Priority Survey 2013 Results

Post by Deirbhe »

Michael Bennett wrote:Is there any talk of making legendary items drop rate higher
I would imagine that later on in development when new legendary items are added, that some of the current ones will be degraded to extraordinary status.

The Debs have (if I remember correctly) stated that the purpose of the extraordinary and legendary item drop rates being high is simply to give those of us who have done everything in the game so far, something to do while new content is added.
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Re: Priority Survey 2013 Results

Post by Growler »

Great list.. along the content line, Micro-Quests are always fun and good way to get extra exp, items or such:

- Meet a mother along the road who tells you her baby was just kidnapped by a bunch of monsters.
- An old man at the edge of town who needs some help (healing potions, bear has him in a bear-hug, needs food or armor/weapon, etc).
- Some kid who got lost in the forest..surrounded by wolves (who may turn out to be protecting him..?).
- A beggar in town needing gold.. in fact, a periodic option to (essentially) trade Gold for Exp Pts would be great!
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Big Thanks to all who contributed ideas & implementation!!
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