Robe Of The Sublimate

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Mark Howard
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Robe Of The Sublimate

Post by Mark Howard »

Good job on the creation of the Robe of the Sublimate. I was hoping for a regular Robe of Invisibility, but it's creative and close enough. It works surprisingly well against tougher characters like the mountain trolls. You take a little bit of damage, but they don't seem to see you very well!
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Re: Robe Of The Sublimate

Post by PinkPokemon69 »

It's the confusion effect which makes them less accurate and consequently makes you harder to hit.

It's actually a higher tier cloth Armor for Unarmored players as 'cloth' doesn't count as Armor.

I don't think I've ever bought Robe of the Sublimate yet. As it's quite pricy for when I need it and when I can afford it i usually already have better a Armor already
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Re: Robe Of The Sublimate

Post by Soullessktty »

I have a built using Greataxe of shattered hope with Robe of Sublimate. At early stage, he is hard to play with, but after hitting level 36+, he kicks ass!
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