quest for getting back bonemeal potions

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quest for getting back bonemeal potions

Post by svarni »

I have the feeling there is a missing game mechanic to get bonemeal potions back after the guards have taken them from the player.

So here's my proposition:
Since the raids are happening in the city and every city has a blue-hooded ... friend ... lingering around somewhere, that friend should be able to sense if the player has been raided for his bonemeal potions. So he should offer a quest to help getting the potions back! One could pay him half the purchase price of the potions or whatever (would be nice if he limits to the amount of money you have - otherwise same problem as before).
Either make it a single "wait until I'm back" quest. Or maybe a bit more generic one where you actually are to enter the guards place, having them being distracted by the friend and the player getting to the crate with confiscated stuff (which of course must also be added then).


(an elaborated post about the reason behind this idea is found here: )
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Re: quest for getting back bonemeal potions

Post by PinkPokemon69 »

I'd say this is a pretty low priority request atm. It might never happen because as far as I know the patrol is very rare (I've only encountered them once) and it's not like they steal anything other than bonemeal potions.
Just use meat or other healing substances instead.
Or just save the game regularly
if you save the game before encountering the patrol, then reload after ..the patrol wont be there anymore. So i actually never lost any bonemeal eventho I encountered a patrol. Just play smart.
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Re: quest for getting back bonemeal potions

Post by rijackson741 »

Bonemeal is illegal. If you carry it around, expect to get it taken away. The solution is to leave stashes in various places. They will always be there.
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Re: quest for getting back bonemeal potions

Post by Osho »

This quest is totally pointless

Rarely are u caught. Since it's illegal you can't expect them to return.
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