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Re: Improved keyboard/dpad handling

Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2022 2:22 am
by rijackson741
The code needs to be migrated to Gradle. We cannot even compile on any version of AS later than 2.2. Later versions of AS will not accept our folder structure. There could be (and probably is) more that needs to be done. The code basically needs a major refactoring, but we do not have someone with both the time and skills to do it. So we can continue to produce content, at least for now, but Google keeps moving the goalposts. The required change in the savegame folder structure was the last PITA hurdle they threw in front of us. We got over that, but who knows what is next.

Some of the refactoring has been done (by Zukero), but it's not complete, and Zukero now has other priorities. That's where we are right now.