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Re: Expansion of AT

Post by rijackson741 »

Boats are interesting, and we do have some sprites. We can make them move, because the raft at Guynmart moves. I don't know if we can make them move between maps though. I would have to think about that.
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Re: Expansion of AT

Post by draze »

rijackson741 wrote: Tue Nov 16, 2021 1:34 am I don't know if we can make them move between maps though. I would have to think about that.
Don't worry. Our buddies already gave ideas about that.
nyktos wrote: Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:41 pm i like the idea of just stepping on a "boat tile" and having it take you to another map,
just as if you were entering / exiting a typical doorway.

(maybe it would take you to a small island with a cave, or whatever)

no additional programming needed, just make a raft or boat tile to place on the map change tile (door / mapevent)

If not a "boat tile", then how about an "actor condition".
Nut wrote: Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:24 pm
I think the main problem is that there is no info in the map which places the boat could go to.
Maybe boating could be realised as some kind of actor condition so that you can go only to places that are normally not possible. And normal land is forbidden to go. Just draw a boat at the position of our hero - er voilà.
You steer the boat like normal navigation easily on a lake or river.
In the same way like our hero, sea monsters or pirates could move and eventually attack. Nice ideas for new quests come to my mind...
And e.g. you might find a boat in Remgard and use it for return quickly. But this of course can not be used to get there first.

Some restrictions
- Bridges cannot be crossed under.
- Unpassable places (like trees) at the border must be handled. This can be solved, but not explained in a few words. Is it of interest?
- this actor condition must be fenced to water areas.

This way it should not be too difficult to enhance the map with boating info. What do you think?
Either way, as long as
rijackson741 wrote: Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:58 pm If the price is high enough! Seriously, we need some ways for higher level players to spend the gold they have, and disgustingly expensive boat rides could be one way.

In addition, I suggest that the players must finish hard quests such as
Lodar's Quests, Remgard's Quests, Mine for the Taking and Climbing Up is Forbidden
to prevent low level players or broke players to fight stronger monsters in a farther map areas and die inescapable.
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