Possible bug in new Developer release of 0.7.16

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Possible bug in new Developer release of 0.7.16

Post by FDWojo »

It looks like there's a person who you may have a hard time finding for the Delivery quest because he's not where you might think he is.

The problem is that this person may have an "address" in Brimhaven, but during the course of the game as it's been published so far,
he's never there at all. Instead he's at an isolated copse of trees immediately south of the lumberjacks who are west of the Crossroads
Now, I'll grant you that maybe that's the point, to mislead the player, but if so, that's definitely twisting the knife a bit into the player! :wink: (U R EVIL!)


Something else I saw in the 0.7.16 Developer version, I've noticed that for some reason, it's indicating that I have a -1 Critical Hit Skill, even though none of the equipment I'm carrying or that I have equipped can cause that penalty. I'm kind of at a loss as to why that is. If it matters, I've gone over the last 8 SAVEGAMES I've done for this character, and only the first 2 (at 1st and at 4th level) is there NO Critical Hit Skill at all. Some time after that, I now have a -1 CHS and I don't know why. If you need more info from me, I can reproduce it and send it to you.

Currently, I have completed the following quests:
Breakfast Bread - Rats! - You're the Postman - Missing Husband - Disallowed Substance - Rat Infestation - Drunken Tale - Key of Luthor - A Path to the Duleian Road - Feygard Errands - Night Visit - Thief Apprentice - Deep Wound - Immaculate Kidnapping - Kaori's Errands - Uncertain Cause - Spies in the Foam - Trusting and Outsider - The Ruthless Crackshot - The Path is Clear To Me - Devastated Land - Lessons Learned - Inventory - The Silver Scale

The quests that are still active are:
Lost Treasures - Taste is Everything - Surprise? - Flows Through the Veins - A Lost Potion - Honor Your Parents - Delivery - Fair Play - The Agent and the Beast - Roses

I currently have these items equipped:
Balanced Steel Sword, Reinforced Wooden Buckler, two Villain's Rings, Troublemaker's Gloves, Woodcutter's Boots, Goatskin Hat, Champion's Chain Mail, Jewel of Fallhaven

Also, the spoiler below my handle lists my characters stats. I don't if know if any of that helps, but there it is.

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Using v0.7.16
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Re: Possible bug in new Developer release of 0.7.16

Post by rijackson741 »

Champion's chainmail has -5 crit. Troublemaker's gloves have +4 crit.
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Re: Possible bug in new Developer release of 0.7.16

Post by Nut »

twisting the knife a bit into the player is evil?
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