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quest "Disassembly of bartenders"

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2023 3:57 am
by toramal
I had a dream . We go along the road from the west and to the south, the road is wide with fences, but the fence is broken in the corner, and a path leads there, I go there and the bartender meets me "Hey, I came to drink....ah, young, sorry, just lemonade." (I bought lemonade, it costs 666 coins, heals 5 hp for 12 rounds + gives cheerfulness for the first 3 moves (+ 50 chance of attack)(as usual, there is meat, sausage bread, etc., at regular prices), After talking with him, I realized that this bartender did not bend under the Feygard bias, they tried to "reason with him" for this, but he is a master of melee, so the cowardly knights decided to just build a little further a more noticeable bar, but with their jokes and advertising, so that the bar of an ordinary bartender would be invisible, even the fence is sometimes repaired, which he constantly demolishes. The bartender said that if I could help in any way, then I could try to go sparring with him and he would offer me one of his weapons (rare class and higher). He will give one for free, then only for the drunk (in other words, he will need to bring everything "that burns", and for this he will give weapons, The final request from him, I will tell you in front, get "burning water from the Lodar" and because of the "peculiarities" of the water, you will have the whole way the penalty is hanging that your attack is worth 20 action points and the chance to escape is reduced, instead the chance of a block is +100 and Damage resistance is + 10 (responsibility like). I went to the bar below, the "corrupt bartender" pretended to be interested in me, and offered "my best dishes and drink" in fact, it all turned out to be "bullshit", for example, he sold "poorly prepared" branded" fried meat, cost 10 times more than usual fried, treats 2 hp 2 rounds, 50% poisoning 3 hp 3 rounds, diluted "branded" juice, also costs a lot, in fact, 1 hp has a 50% chance of poisoning 2 hp 2 moves (the water is dirty and it is clear that the juice is not beautiful). When talking to him about the bartender above, he says negatively, like, "I graduated from the bartender courses, because my dad works there! and he, he can't do anything!" According to the quest, it was necessary to buy everything that is on sale from the "salesman" and take it to a normal bartender for inspection, but after buying food at the entrance, the knights stop you "Hey, eat everything you bought here, you can't take out our dishes" I chose from the answers "fight"... and the cat woke me up. Image