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Andor's Trail code is released under GNU GPL v2.

Graphical Resources

Most of the graphical resources are licensed under some kind of CC sharealike license, as stated on their corresponding pages that we link to (see below). Some are CC or GPL in their original form, but some are not, and Andor's Trail has gotten explicit written approval from the author(s) to use them to this project. If you would like to use some of these resources you will be required to get your own explicit written approval.

Item tilesets graphics by Ails
Hero graphics by RedKnight91?
Additional monster graphics by nacred [[

Monster tileset graphics by . Part of (or All) the graphic tiles used in this program is the public domain roguelike tileset “RLTiles”. Some of the tiles have been modified by Oskar Wiksten. You can find the original tileset at

Some of the graphic data in this software are free game resources distributed by REFMAP ( You must not use the graphic data which is in this software, for the purpose except playing this game. When you want to get these resources, go to the website above.

Map tilesets graphics partly by telles0808

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