AT trailer 2.0 And future guide uodate

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AT trailer 2.0 And future guide uodate

Post by Aulrad »

Hey there fellow players! Have you imagined what would an AT trailer will look like? What are the things are you expecting from it?

Recently, i have uploaded on youtube a fan made trailer of this game, (click ) and i had recieved some good feedback...
But i think something's missing...

Can you help me make a better version of it?
I will be glad to read your opinions, all kinds of critisism is accepted

(You can also help my channel by clicking the link and subscribing to my channel)

About the guides... those will be on march ( i guess)
Because i have so much work to do as a 10th grade student so i really need to prioritize my education first before i get scolded lol.
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Re: AT trailer 2.0 And future guide uodate

Post by Gonk »

I like it and also the music.

If you are looking for ideas to improve it, then this is my personal subjective view. There are many dialogues in the video and less of the gameplay, walking, fighting, etc. Maybe this could be a bit more focused.
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Re: AT trailer 2.0 And future guide uodate

Post by Tomcat »

I agree that a bit more focus on action shots vs text and dialogs would make it more exciting. Also, on the one kill, maybe choose something that drops more fun than meat!
But a great start!
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Re: AT trailer 2.0 And future guide uodate

Post by rijackson741 »

My opinion:

You did a good job, but:

AT is fundamentally driven by quests, but you don't really show this. You need to show a quest being initiated, the quests tab, and the quest log for at least one quest.

Also show the items tab, and the overview screen.

And, show how you can get better stats with level ups and skills.

If you don't show these, especially the emphasis on quests, then the trailer is missing much of what AT is about.
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