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Developers Section

Andor's Trail is developed as open-source, roughly meaning that anyone can add new content or code to the game. You can even download the code and modify it the way you want.

Browse the source code of Andor's Trail here . Please feel free to download the source code and play with it.

If you want to help in making Andor's Trail even better, you are encouraged to help with the parts that interest you.

Below is a list to locate more specific help.

Developer Guidelines

Straight-forward guidelines for the game. These areas will explain how things are currently done and why.

Developer Tutorials

Various areas that might require more instruction for developing Andor's Trail.

Developer Resources

A list of available resources that provide an overall sense of Andor's Trail. Areas are expanded to assist keeping ideas along the same track and to provide a more fluidly developed game.

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